AW is developing Arithmetic Testing OnLine (ATOL)™, a web-based assessment tool that may be used to determine whether students have mastered the fundamentals of arithmetic. The final report of the National Panel on Mathematics contained a strong appeal to parents and educators that they ensure that all elementary aged youngsters learn basic arithmetic functions to a high level of mastery (National Panel on Mathematics Report, 2008) A high level of mastery of arithmetic is essential for success in mathematics at higher grades as well providing a highly practical skill in everyday life.

AW is pleased to be developing affordable online arithmetic assessments that will provide parents with immediate access to diagnostic reports. The tests are designed according to rigorous testing industry standards not usually met in internet-based consumer assessment, with questions selected for use only after extensive field-testing with real students. The mathemetical content of the assessments was defined by a blue ribbon panel of top mathematicians and highly skilled educators. The composition of this panel may be found here:
ATOL Math Content Board. Funding for the development of ATOL included, in part, a grant from the U.S. Department of Education.

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